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Nice bit of crossover PR at BlizzCon

For those not in the know, BlizzCon is the annual gathering held by Blizzard, the games company behind little-known games such as Starcraft (still huge in South Korea – it has TV shows about it. And that’s more than 10 years after release), Diablo and World of Warcraft. It’s an event that generates tons of PR without doing the big (and fantastic) stunts like Monument PR did for the launch of Resident Evil 5 in London) and one of the things that Blizzard always put out is a fantastic goody bag.

What caught my eye though was one of the little items in the bag – a code for a unique item in World of Warcraft – a Grunty the Murloc Space Marine in-game pet. It’s something that’s a crossover between their games, would be relatively inexpensive to make but is nice and thoughtful and will be an ongoing reminder of the event years afterwards.

Grunty Good for PR

It might be something that has non-gamers going “huh?” but the lesson is there to see: sometimes the nice gift or gesture doesn’t have to be huge, just thoughtful. Sometimes the goody and swag bags forget that. (To be fair, Blizzard have always had a great reputation and as someone who’s played a few of their games – in fact, this post makes me want to reinstall Starcraft – it’s well deserved and they’ve got that way by being open and honest with fans/consumers and delivering quality products. More companies in all industries should take note.)

Right, now where’s that install disc… (never mind that I’ve got a bunch of other games on the computer, Wii, PSP and iPhone to get through. Time for a trip down memory lane…)

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