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Reasons people are going off newspapers #1 – inaccurate headlines

There’s a big stooshie kicked off in the US over the comments made by Whole Foods boss John Mackey (and we’ll cover the implications of it in another blog post) but one point stuck out to me:

In answer to President Obama’s invitation to all Americans to put forward constructive ideas for reforming our health care system, I wrote this Op/Ed piece called simply “Health Care Reform.” An editor at the Journal rewrote the headline to call it “Whole Foods Alternative to Obamacare,” which led to antagonistic feelings by many. That was not my intention – in fact, I do not mention the President at all in this piece.

Now it’s tried and tested that sub-editors rewrite copy and put in headlines but – given the repercussions that’s been had on this one – was the Journal acting a bit irresponsibly by going with what it did?

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