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Tech PR sector moaning about flawed pitching processes – welcome to the f*$!ing club

Interesting piece in PR Week about how the ‘pitch procedure is flawed within technology PR‘ where a Technology PR Services poll showed more than one in three agencies are unhappy with pitches – but is this a case of pitch losers whinging or do they have a genuine issue to be moaning about?Two of the points which stood out in the article ¬†were: “More than one third of respondents claimed that where the PR brief had been inadequate, it had taken one to two months to uncover the true brief … Another bugbear identified by the survey included ‘ghost pitches’, where no appointment was ever made.”

These things happen in every sector – clients change briefs, sometimes the client genuinely doesn’t know what they want, the pitch is a trial run for the real product (after all it’s a competitive sector) – but at the end of the day these pitches should be seized upon for one basic reason: if you deliver a good PR pitch, show some creative concepts and ideas then you will get work – either at that pitch or you’ll stick in the company’s head for another time. Also, it’s good to stretch the creative muscles.

It’s not so much that the process is flawed – it’s that clients change their minds, products change. These things happen in all sectors.

So in other words: whingers, get over yourselves. In fact, don’t. Just keep whinging and let the rest of us go get the work instead.

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