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Free Social Media/PR Surgery, Dundee, October 8

As anyone who knows me will know, I find it embarassing that the successes of the industries based around Dundee – biosciences and gaming especially – don’t get the recognition that they deserve in wider circles, including the mainstream press.

To that end, I’m coming up to Dundee next Thursday, October 8 to offer a free full day surgery.

Here’s how it will work: I’m going to go somwhere with free wifi (will announce venue before the day) and I’ll set up the laptop and get on with my work. If anyone wants to drop by, buy me me a coffee/tea/something and chat about what their company does/media and public relations then I’ll happily offer some ideas and insight free of charge.

I won’t do you written reports or PR plans or anything like that. You want that, you engage me on some kind of fee, but for the meeting, you can pick my brains and I’ll give you any ideas and do’s/don’ts that I can think of, so it’s free one-to-one advice (or one-to-how many you bring along) that you can write down/record.

Unless companies state otherwise, I’ll tweet that I’ve met them (and perhaps mention them in a blog post) but I’m also more than happy to sign NDA’s for anyone looking to protect upcoming releases/IP.

I haven’t picked a venue yet (I’ll announce it when I do) and if anyone wants to prebook a time then get in touch via the contact form.


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