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Venue for free Social Media and PR event in Dundee, Oct 8 announced

You’ll recall I was offering free PR and Social Media advice in Dundee on Thursday, October 8. Well the venue can now be revealed.

I’m going to be at the cafe at The Hannah MacLure Centre at the University of Abertay from about 10.30am until 4.30pm. I’m told that it’s fairly central, easy to get to and has a) coffee and tea, b) wifi.

Now I’m just going to be sitting there, typing away behind a MacBook Pro, so feel free to come up and chat to me. The disclaimers are in the previous post and if anyone pre-arranges a time with me, I’ll block out 30 mins and tweet via @craigmcgill that I’m unavailable for that time. (To make an appointment as such just use the contact form on this site).

Don’t think that if you turn up, I’m going to ask you to hire me. Far from it. This is all about free advice. If afterwards you think you need someone, then brilliant let’s talk or talk about other companies that might be better suited to you. But on the day, it’s a giveaway.

Hopefully see some of you there. Otherwise I’ll be drinking a lot of tea (hope they have peppermint).

And feel free to spread the word to anyone in the area you know that you think might want some PR or social media help.

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