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Roundup of iPad observations for journalism, gamers, authors and… grandparents?

The iPad is out and many a word will be written about it. I’m not immune to that :-) so here’s a roundup of what I’ve said about it:

For what it’s worth, I think it’s going to be interesting. For around £750, it looks as if you could have a top of the range 64GB iPad complete with keyboard dock and case. At the cheap end it could be around £400. (the exact prince conversion comes out cheaper but when did Apple pass up a chance for a little European markup?) But £400 for a backup text input machine alone makes it interesting. I doubt it’s versatile enough for reporters out of the office, but for authors and so on? Who knows – Charlie Stross is saying some interesting things about it.

  1. […] I’ve written a chunk elsewhere about the implications of the iPad, and while the iBook Store is going to be a large part of it, there’s a couple of questions that arise including how does an unpublished author or an author whose publishers has gone bust get his books online – who will decide what books go on and what doesn’t? Basically are you out of luck if you don’t sign with an Apple-approved publisher? […]

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