Anti-social media
A fan on Facebook is worth how much? $3.60. Is this like AVE figures?

AdWeek has an article which states the average value of a Facebook follower is $3.60. I say: mince.

It’s a noble aim by Vitrue and you have to applaud them for it because beancounters are chasing the ROI of social media before authorising spend on it (and what’s the ROI on a telephone Mr Beancounter?).

Now the article shows how they reached the figures but it seems off to me. I know lots of people who don’t look at pages from one day to the next and very rarely pass on links. It’s almost the ultimate form of web couch potatoing. People becomes fans of groups and then forget all about them. It’s one of the reasons nearly 80% of companies on Facebook have less than 1000 followers.

But perhaps my judgement is clouded by a Scottish perspective – or these guys have just been really good at getting engagement ongoing (though you could counter-argue that perhaps they work with brands which would engage anyway due to their high-profile) and fair play/well done to them.

There is one issue though: if people think they are worth a sum, it takes us into the dark realm of paid-for Facebook followers.

Free social media digital PR tip: People follow you on Facebook because they are already a fan, but it takes regular incentives to keep them coming back. That can be giveaways, information, good content.

Facebook is very much the chat of the day. There’s a great blog post over at The Drum (I’m in the comments) that’s worth a read.

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