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Scottish Social Media Dinner Glasgow, April 21: Podcasts Matter £25

In a little break from the normal “three speakers, three topics” style we have for the Scottish Social Media Dinners, we have the first themed event taking place in Glasgow on April 21 at the Urban Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow City Centre, starting at 6.30pm.

And not only is it the first themed night, it’s also the first time we’ll have a speaker from the USA…The speakers on the night are going to be:

Ewan Spence – who does podcasts on music, gaming, The Edinburgh Fringe and, IIRC, The Eurovision Song Contest and builds up really good audiences for them all on the way.

The Glasgow Podcart team who who produce – at not for profit – some of the most diverse and exciting podcasts in Scotland.

But the main attraction is going to Mark Gillespie who is a one-man band producing the phenomenal WhiskyCast. It’s been running weekly – with more than an hour of content each week – pulling in thousands of listeners for almost five years. Mark’s going to tell us about the journey he’s been on, the lessons he’s learned and pass on some tips too. What makes Mark’s achievements even more impressive is that whisky is a visual, tactile and taste-driven experience, yet his podcast is audio only.

The audience is going to be equally loaded with podcasters as I know of four people who already create and produce podcasts coming along.

And this seemed like a good theme for the night because the interest in podcasting has been high at previous events.

Why Podcasts?

Why are podcasts important though? Quite simply, they’re an area anyone can do now. You don’t need a top of the range recording studio. An iPhone – via AudioBoo – lets you make a podcast. Anyone with a computer can download Audacity and you’re halfway there. You don’t even need to be in the same room. You can use Skype for distance recording.

Yes, you can tweak sound levels, have mixing boards, use Garageband, but at the end of the day, if the basic sound is OK, the content will get you through.

Similarly, decent recording studios are very inexpensive to hire out for an hour or two. The cult entertainment podcast I do with Iain Hepburn – The Thumbcast (go listen if you like films, telly, books or comics with a cult bent. It’s also very sweary) – was recorded using two mics and a laptop but we’ve now moved into a studio.

So they’re simple to do but why should you do them? Simple:

  • If you’re talking about your industry, it shows you to be an industry leader and commentator
  • It’s a way to engage with customers or even staff internally (so many people still don’t see the uses of social media for inhouse comms)
  • It’s easy and inexpensive
  • It can be great fun
  • You can use it to drive sales

That’s just off the top of my head. On the night, we’ll learn a lot more for all people in all industries – from those who do them to those who are curious.

And given Mark’s coming over from the US, I’m sure we might even have a wee dram to toast him.

Also, if the venue works for everyone, there’s a good chance of Urban becoming the monthly home for the Glasgow SSMDs. The other venues have been decent to one extent or another but a permanent home makes a lot more sense and Kim McAllistair of Impact Online deserves a lot of praise for for getting Urban on board.

Tickets as always, can be found via our chums at PayPal (if you can’t pay via PayPal, get in touch and we’ll sort something else out):

Bookings close on Monday, April 19 at noon.
And if you enjoy this event, there’s one the following week in Edinburgh…

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