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Speaking Event: CIPR Stirling, April 15

Just a quick heads-up for those who are eligible to go, I’m speaking on Thursday night (yes, tomorrow) at a CIPR Stirling event at Stirling University on digital media.

I’m going for the slightly offbeat topic of the problems digital media faces in Scotland and what the next generation of PR can do to overcome it to build brands. There will no doubt also be a few case studies thrown in there.

Looks to be a good night with the other speakers being:

  • Jason Wassell on Crisis Communication: Role of Communicators in tackling national emergencies.
  • Tom Fox on Tailoring Public Relations to Suit Not For Profit Organisations: The Case of the Scottish Prison Service.
  • Emma Diamond: The role of professional associations and CPD
  • Julie McGarvey: Sports Public Relations (3×1)

Anyway, for those who can’t make it, I’ll post my presentation up here on Friday and if the others give permission, I’ll add theirs too.

  1. Emma Smith

    Hi Craig,
    I was one of the students who attended this talk tonight and I’ve just stumbled upon your blog by sheer coincidence whilst researching for an assignment as part of our Digital PR class so thought I would leave a comment. I thought you made some really interesting comments on the increasing need for comprehensive understanding of digital media use and integration with exsisting practice for organisations. Whilst studying on this module it has only become clearer to me that this is something that organisations really need to get to grips with. As you said it’s even crucial to know what people are saying about you and to respond to this as part of damage control. You’re point about Scotland being slow in catching on to social media opportunities was, although funnily put, pretty concerning and was definitely a motivation to try and turn this around in the future.
    Thanks very much for coming to speak to us!

    • Emma, thanks for having me, it was great to meet you guys. For some reason Keynote is crashing like a drunk dodgems driver on me and I can’t get the presentation uploaded this morning but I’ll take another stab at it after 4pm. Also if you search Twitter for #ciprscotland there were some tips and pointers there.

      And yes, so far, Gordon Brown’s lawyers haven’t been in touch…

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