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#stuartmaclennan tale shows mainstream media still trumps digital

Look at the Stuart Maclennan saga of today. He’s certainly a loser in it, the chattering classes and social media pundits (like myself) have come out a winner, but do you know who the biggest winner was? The Scottish Sun and traditional media.

Why? Because Maclennan has been tweeting for months and nothing said digitally ever cost him his job. Within 14 hours of The Scottish Sun being printed, he was out on his ear. That’s impact and result.

People will argue if he lost the chance to stand for Parliament because of the comments he made, for them coming to light to the general population or because the Labour Party just panicked at the tweets being exposed to a larger audience.

The odds are that it’s because of the impact The Scottish Sun has. It’s Scotland’s best selling paper, part of the UK’s best selling paper. They took this story to a larger audience and everyone has jumped into it, Labour has seen the impact and acted as they did.

So, It was The Sun Wot Did It.


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