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The press release hasn’t evolved – 2.0 in form but 1.0 in content (AKA what does John know?)

john hansell, whiskyJohn Hansell is the editor and publisher of Malt Advocate – go on, you can guess what that’s about – and he runs a fairly busy blog where the comments sections can have as much debate as the main posts. Anyway, this week he’s been talking about things which piss him off (his words not mine) and the points he’s raised so far are worth considering in the wider PR and social media space:

Your new product isn’t the best thing ever (I’m paraphrasing for a more general audience)

Whisky producers – be honest!

Be honest with your social media

And the thing is, his audience agrees with him. Now you can bet that if his audience is agreeing with him, then others are too – and others in different sectors would agree about the items that are sold to them.

While many social media types pat themselves on the back about having video, pictures and audio to go along with their social media press releases, the textual content is still pretty much the same, especially at product launches – something’s Bigger! Bolder! Better! Fancier! With wi-fi! instead of a steady and sober look at what actually makes the new product better.

Some companies do this quite well and the audience respects being treated with intelligence. Sadly, too many still prefer to talk down the way.

It’s the same when it comes to fake reviews. It amazes me that companies still try and do this one in an age where anyone can follow and IP address. Again, it shows contempt for the place you’re posting and equally for your audience. Hopefully, as digital engagement evolves, we’ll see less of it.

And on that note, from the advertising side, was there ever a more honest film about the trade than this one…



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