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Client news: Musa becomes first UK restuarant to offer controversial bird dish Gannet on menu

Musa beats Gordon Ramsay to become first UK restaurant to offer Gannet

Artisan restaurant Musa is to offer controversial bird dish Gannet on its menu this week, becoming the first UK restaurant to do so.

Only 2000 baby gannets – known as gugas – are culled every year on Sula Sgeir island, 40km off the Butt of Lewis.

It is the only wild seabird allowed to be hunted under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, which forbids the killing of seabirds, but guga hunters have a special licence from the Scottish Government.

Musa in Aberdeen, Scotland (Twitter, Facebook) has secured a limited supply of the bird and intends to serve it up this Tuesday and Wednesday, October 19 and 20 from 5pm.

Manager Jimmy Elliot said: “This is exciting for us. Musa has always tried to offer the exotic and the unusual, so to get our hands on some gannet was fantastic and our chefs are looking forward to seeing what they can make with it.

“Gordon Ramsay’s moment in the F Word when he tried gannet is still spoken about until this day. Even as Gordon discovered, it’s lovely but hard to get as it is only meant to be killed and eaten on the island.

“But not everyone can get to Lewis to try it so we’re delighted we’ve been able to legally source some and offer it to our customers. And if it proves popular we’ll do our best to get more in.”

Gannet hit the headlines in 2005 when chef Gordon Ramsay travelled to the Isle of Lewis to try the dish for his F Word show (video here, 41 minutes in).

At the time he wrote in his blog: “To date it is not to be found on the menu in my restaurants. But maybe soon.”


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