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Change of plan for the #smclinic (AKA coming out the social media closet)

Just a quick post here as someone’s gone and lost the login for the #smclinic site. There’s going to be a change to the format. Traditionally it’s been on at 8pm on Wednesday nights but we’re moving it to the daytime hours.


A few reasons but mostly the fact that for most people, integrating social media into their PR/marketing/comms work or using SM is part of the day job. By making it an afterhours activity, it almost sends out the message that it’s something else, something hidden and that’s not the right message to send out. We’re doing it during the day because for most people it’s part of their job and that’s the daytime hours. (and besides the chat transcript will be about for those who can’t make it).

But that’s not to say we’ll look once a week and leave it at that. Barry and I will be checking the hashtag daily so if anyone has a query or a question we’ll get to it in a timely fashion.

Next up then is to pick a date and time that works for most people (see? How customer friendly is that?) and we’ll do that over on the #smclinic site.

  1. james Kennedy

    Great move guys, I’ve not been able to participate in any of the evening clinics but am much more likely to participate now (and signpost it to my clients)

  2. This is great news for us and our clients, I have always wanted to partake in this, but not out of work hours, as tweeting is work for me! sometime between 2 and half five suits me fine,

  3. Dan Frydman

    Going for peak audiences I’d say Tuesday or Wednesday near lunchtime. You miss too many people on Mondays and Fridays and Thursdays are productivity central.

    Time? I’d prefer after lunch when I’ve got the most important things of the day out of the way.

    So Wednesday at 2pm would be my choice.

  4. Sam Nickerson

    Wednesday afternoon is good for me. I can circulate to relevant clients and the rest of the guys in the office too.

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