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Friday Fun PR Challenge: Do the Zerg just need better PR?

We’ve beenĀ  a bit lax here recently with the Friday Fun PR Challenge but we’re back (and yes, there’s prizes) and to get everyone’s brain thinking of a puzzler, here’s one from us – the Zerg in the hit Starcraft and Starcraft 2 game are the least popular race out of the three – Terran, Protoss and Zerg.

Now why’s that? Do people identify with being human and like going the uber-powerful Protoss while the Zerg fall down in the middle? Or are they just too damn ugly?

Just a thought.

Anyway, the rules of the Friday Fun PR challenge are:

1) Post an idea for something that needs PR in the comments section below. Here’s the previous challenges to give your brain an idea of what we’re looking for: Star Trek’s PR Problem, Image and Reputation Management for the Bogey Man, PR for a Godzilla-type monster trashing London. (And if you enjoy this type of wackiness, can I suggest you tune in to the Cult TV/Film podcast The ThumbcastiTunes link, RSS link.)

2) I’ll look at the ideas at midnight Thursday and pick one to do a PR plan for

3) I’ll write the plan up Friday morning, no faking it or winging it

4) If I don’t use an idea this week, I may use it another week

5) But if any idea turns up that stumps me – and to date I can only think of one (and no one has posted it) then they get a bottle of whisky via Friday Fun PR sponsors Whyte & Mackay (go follow them here on Twitter, here on Facebook and their Master Blender Richard Paterson is here and here). If you don’t like whisky and Richard’s videos can’t tempt you, you get a bottle of Irn Bru instead from the McGill Irn Bru Collection.

Looking forward to seeing some wacky ideas! And don’t all rush!

  1. JasonWassell

    But deep down every player respects the Zerg, they just cant work out how to play them!

    And they are probably the one race that has had a wider cultural impact. They have given us an easy way of describing what our approach will be to a problem – “We are just going to zerg it !” Even non-gamers can work out what that involves.

    • Yeah, they’ve lost the battle for being picked on the game, but as you say, there’s many a community who know how to use Zerg as a verb.

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