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Why the rise of tablets is a great opporchancity for digital PR and social media

After the jump, there’s a huge graphic but have a read and then see why the rise of tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy are great opportunities for PR, social media, digital marketing and brand engagement

Now there’s a couple of bits of piffle in there – touch screens are not as good as controllers for games in many cases and the claim of the whole PC market vanishing seems strange when the stats show that it’s just dektops under threat – but the main point is valid – tablets are handy for a lot of people and many people will buy them and use them more than their main PC. At some point they may even replace, instead of complementing, the main computer.

However, these are devices created for consuming content more than creating content (the Galaxy is great for reading books on – better than the iPad – but the iPad is better for reading newspapers on), so there’s every possibility that more and more people will just consume – and will want more good, creative content to consume.

Which is where the professional comes in, supplying interesting and relevant chat about their brands – material people want to seek out and find. And that’s not just about supplying text. It might be an app, it might be video, it may be pictures, but it’s content.

So let everyone else sit back, have a coffee and browse in leisure. We’ll be at the old fashioned keyboard getting the good stuff for you to read. :-)

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