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How did we do in our 2010 social media & PR predictions?

Last December, we did the obligatory predictions for 2010 in social media and PR – but how did we do?
We’ll keep this fairly simple with the prediction as the headline and then our thoughts under. Feel free to agree/disagree…

We’ll be doing a lot more gaming

Oh I nailed this about as well as Jesus at Easter. Social gaming continued to go through the roof, with Farmville now selling more tractors per day than the physical world sells in a year. But it wasn’t just on Facebook we gamed – the iPlatform and Android also played their part. So that’s 1-0 to me.

ARG will be overhyped for at least six months of the year

I thought this would have done better as the chips and processors in mobiles picked up but it seems to have stalled quite a bit and I don’t  know if we’ll see it much more next year – perhaps 2012 or later. 1-1

Companies will merge PR/Marketing/customer relations depts

Outside of Scotland, this has started – and you’ll see it biting more in the next 12 months due to the financial dire straights we are in. Social Media will also be part of this – not everyone will have  Scott from Ford type. But as it hasn’t really kicked off yet, we’ll call it 1-2 against me.

Many social media “experts” will go to the wall

2010 definitely saw companies get rid of people who weren’t up to scratch or their vision for social media wasn’t in alignment with the company – Mark Jennings of D8 Digital was the most high profile casualty of this in Scotland where, despite spending an incredible amount of time networking at events and tweeting about what he was up to, it didn’t work out at the firm and ways were parted. Fortunately Mark was able to find new employment in London and the family are now down there with him and his style should work well there.

Podcast Matters and Design Matters also went away, but that was under a rebranding exercise, coming back as Fatbuzz and their popular Glasgow and Edinburgh breakfast events have continued strong despite the name change.

There’s still a lot of chancers out there though. 2011 will see more companies dabble, some will make it work, some will dump it, but let’s save that for the predictions of 2011. 2-2 for the scoreline though.

Social media/digital PR gaffes will be big for one week only

Oh everyone’s got their own favourite for this, but we’ve all seen them. Most of them only live on in presentations now. 3-2 to me.

Print will survive while the iSlate won’t be the digital Jesus

Nailed this. Got the name wrong mind you. Journalism is still learning to adjust and many are now having hassles with Apple over the data issue. Also, many companies are baulking at the extra costs involved for all-singing, all-dancing digital editions (I’d settle for PDFs of the newspaper myself). 4-2 to me.

Many won’t see the benefits of digital/social media PR

Got this one too. Allan Barr of The BIG Partnership has more of a theory that more people get it, but that the ‘experts’ are actually quite poor at getting cross the value and benefit of it, taking away the idea of being afraid of it. Either way, there’s still a lot of people out there wondering how to do it, what they should do and who they should do it with. 5-2 to me.

Twitter and Facebook will keep growing

Oh yes. 6-2.

More will be free (and there will be lots more rubbish)

Yup. Having said that, the Freemium model has really done well this year, particularly in games. 7-2

Companies will want far more global offerings

Seen this as well. UK/US-based companies especially are realising that it’s a global medium out there and are trying to reach out to everyone. 8-2.

tl;dr may go mainstream

Couldn’t have been more wrong on this one if I had tried. Whoops! 8-3.

The digital divide will grow,especially in Scotland

Sadly, this continues to be the case. Scotland is a country where even the geography is against you for decent digital services and this will continue next year as everyone pleads poverty to helping schools, businesses and individuals into the modern ages. 9-3.

HR will be kept busy

They certainly were. While many just jumped into social media, companies were pointing out that to do so was against staff policy. In some cases, lawyers had a field day too as management learned they couldn’t just sack someone for a tweet which badmouthed the firm. 10-3.

Talking about social media stunts may get more coverage than the social media stunt

This one actually toned down from the hysteria of last year where stunts with a few thousands hits were hammered into the millions after appearing on the likes of Mashable. 10-4 to be fair.

In video, people will realise audio is as important as visual

Slowly but surely people are realising this with the Flip/Kodak Zi8 style of cameras now coming with better audio. The Zoom Q3HD from SamsonTech seems to be one of the next generation for this. It was a late comeback for audio though so 10-5 in the interests of fairness.

There’s more to comms than just the social media and digital PR

This ties in with what I said above so yup and it’s good to see – people should realise that social media and digital engagement is just another part of the overall comms package. Have a standalone person for it if you want – have them inhouse or outhouse – but it should work closely with what you are planning in PR, marketing and so on. Having said that, it’s also very much customer service and happy customers is the best PR you can get. 11-6 to me, making me an uber-Guru ninja type!

What about you, did you make any predictions for how SM would turn out this year? How did you get on?


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