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2010 Contently Managed traffic review

Inspired by this post by Ben Cotton of Edelman Digital (and because social media types are always going on about transparency) I thought I’d share some of the stats for the Contently Managed blog.
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  • Celtic, posts about them and talking about them – in a relevant context – brought about 25% of my traffic this year, so expect lots more on that topic and we’ll change the company name to Celticly Managed. (Having said that, I’m not aware of these postings having brought me any new business. Draw your own conclusions.)
  • (The real irony is that the Celtic strip picture has been taken down – that’s why I get for linking out and not hosting it myself)
  • People posting links to material on Facebook, Twitter and so on played a large part in traffic.
  • I’m quite surprised at the Celtic stuff being most popular as I thought there were some great postings on social media advice and how-to’s.
  • Posts where I tried the old journalistic trick of creating mini-rows to get debate going/traffic didn’t really work.
  • Would have expected more from mobile. But that’s something I can work on.
  1. Hi Craig, interesting post. May I ask how many people listen to the audio of the blog? It’s not something I see too often and wondered if it was worthwhile.

  2. Hey Craig,

    Thanks for the mention.

    It’s very interesting to read the conclusions you’ve drawn. I’ve been studying my numbers, thinking about what they mean and what my ‘niche’ seems to be – or at least what people seem to like.

    As a data junkie, it was a surprise to receive useful numbers from WordPress – they will certainly impact on my choice of future posts.

    Have a good 2011.



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