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Scottish paper revamp ignores huge Scottish industry

The Sunday Herald in Scotland revamped at the weekend and for the most part was very, very good – some nice articles, good insight but one thing struck me as incredibly odd when looking through the arts section: book and film reviews were there, some pages on fashion and music.

Nothing on computer games.
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This is 2011 – the year after the Realtime Worlds collapse was mainstream news – and gaming is still on the rise (and still a decent Scottish employer). The UK and Scotland have some great gaming journalists too – Robert Florence, Dave Cook (in fact there’s two gaming Dave Cooks), Brian Baglow, the team from videoGaiden, Kieron Gillen – but you wouldn’t know from the Sunday Herald.

Between the sales of Kinnect, the PS3 doing ok with Move, the new DS coming out, Android, iPhone and iPad gaming, social media games like Farmville it’s still a huge industry and one – if the Sunday Herald had set up affialiate links – which could have made the paper some money.

It might also have generated some new readers/web traffic as people went to see a paper deal with games properly.

Ah well, there’s always next week’s edition…

  1. Michael MacLeod

    What did you think of week #2, Craig?

    I really liked the page layout but I’m going to miss sharing the supps around with housemates. Sometimes reading the papers is a shared experience. Not with the new Sunday Herald :(


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