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Do Facebook Page changes mean business staff need Facebook signatures?

facebook logo for social media article on social media scotland site Contently ManagedSocial Media hub (for many anyway) Facebook has announced changes to the site, including considerable changes to Pages that will keep most social media operators – in Scotland and elsewhere – working through the weekend to update policies and so on.

One of the changes means you can post – as a Page – anywhere on Facebook (so, for example, I can post as Whyte & Mackay instead of Craig McGill) but I’m not the only admin there, so how do firms keep a track of who said what?
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A copying of Twitter Signatures may be the answer. Now, they aren’t elegant and I’m not a big fan (as I said back in August 2009) but they do serve a purpose for large firms, so will we see something similar here?  A little (^cm) at the end of a post for example? Given that Facebook posts can be longer than tweets you could even have (post by Craig McGill).

A non-signature resort would perhaps be to have a Facebook rota, allowing only one person to post at certain times (though this may make life a bit difficult for multinational companies who have different departments posting on a daily basis).

What about you? What’s your plans to make sure you can identify posters on Facebook after the changes are brought in?

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  1. When responding to a customer it might be in the brand’s interest to have a signature tagged onto the end – if only to add a personal touch to any contact.

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