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Scottish Social Media Dinner – Thurs, Feb 17: Councils & Social Media

Thanks to Stephen Penman, who has agreed to come along and speak about how North Lanarkshire Council has used Twitter, the next Scottish Social Media Dinner on Thursday, Feb 17, 6.30pm at Urban Pind in Glasgow, but before we kick off the event, there’s probably a few changes to the dinners that need to be addressed:

Changes to Scottish Social Media Dinner

This is a lot more casual – and intimate – than previous events for a couple of reasons:
1) It’s been indicated to me by speakers – but also by guests – that the big stand up, address a room format isn’t always the best for chat and learning, so we’re going to try the round table format and see if that works better for dialogue and conversation.
2) We’re going from the three speakers to one speaker. A few people – speakers and guests have said that they felt rushed in their food in order to be ready for the next speaker, so now we’ll do it a lot more simply. We’ll have drinks, speakers and then food. If there’s suddenly a rush or justification for more than one speaker we’ll do that, but one may offer more than three in this case.
3) As it’s a round-table, the numbers are smaller – which also prevents a repeat of the bar bill fiasco from Mother India last year during the political dinner.

Having said all of that, the format is flexible. If people really want more speakers or want to pay more or don’t want a meal, we’ll work to a consensus. I’ve always said the dinners are for people to learn – inexpensively – from people at the front end of social media and I appreciate not everyone can make breakfast slots. These events are run not-for-profit for you, the guests, so tell me what you want and we’ll see what we can do.

Musa Aberdeen has agreed to being a venue for the Aberdeen Scottish Social Media Dinners – and we’ll announce the first speaker soon for that – but if you have a restaurant in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee and can guarantee one of the following: a private room or a large round table in a quiet venue alongside an affordable menu (the aim is to always keep the cost of dinner and speaker to under £25.)

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the events, there’s a mailing list now which will send out all details of the dinners.

Why North Lanarkshire Council?

When it was announced that it was a council speaking about their use of Twitter, many assumed that it would be the very talented Stuart Argo of Edinburgh City Council, but to me that would defeat the purpose. I believe far more insight can be gained from how North Lanarkshire Council started using it and what pitfalls they faced/what issues popped up.

Besides, everyone’s spoken to Stuart about this topic – it’s nice to gain some fresh perspective :-) (and of course he’s more than welcome on the night).

So if you want to come along, click on the details below to be taken to PayPal…

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