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Social Media, PR & Marketing Experts: when do you catch up on your social media?

It might sound like a daft question but social media can be very time intensive, even in a passive, consuming form – reading Twitter lists, checking up on accounts, reading blogs, checking RSS feeds, commenting, Facebooking, listening/watching podcasts – and that’s just for clients before you actually consider your own social media footprint/activities.

So the question is this: how long per day do you spend consuming social media and how to do you manage it round your other activites? We’ll put our details in the comments below later on but we were wondering how/what others do after a tweet chat involving Allan Barr, Dan Frydman, Mike McGrail and Michelle Rodger.

  1. I’ve been finding that I’m spending less time on social media consumption during the day – in favour of work – which is just as it should be. I had been of a mind that checking Twitter, keeping up to date with people, informing myself, was part of my job – and it is.

    However most of my job – that I can do between meals and therefore get things done – needs a fair degree of attention and not a scatterbrain. That’s best left for travel and breaks.

    Catching up on reading is then part of that – as is communicating with others. That’s why chats like #smclinic work so well at lunchtime or in the evening as it’s out of the normal flow (I think it was better in the evening).

    One way to get more out of the conversations going on on Twitter has been keeping a core list. I’ve blogged a bit about that here:

    Staying in touch with that core 100 rather than 1000+ has made me more productive.

    I can’t claim credit for this – it’s part of Twitter and I was encouraged into it by the great @mikecoulter

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