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Free social media workshop downloads for PRs/marketeers/businesses

free social media I do a fair chunk of speaking and social media workshops and while I enjoy them, I’ve noticed lately that I’m relying too much on PowerPoint and Keynote and being a bit lazy. On top of that, in Scotland – a country where for many in the media ‘digital’ (never mind ‘customer engagement’) is still a dirty word – could do with raising its game a bit, so this is my efforts at trying to raise the baseline.

To that end, below there’s a link to a series of social media presentations I’ve done – free to you – over the last year or so, covering social media successes, social media in a crisis, social media basic advice and some semi-advanced (for Scotland) social media advice. There’s versions for iPods and computers as well as the plain PDFs. (And yes, some parts may be a little out of date, but the general material is sound.)

If you’ve ever been curious about social media, wondered about how authors, lawyers, accountant, hotels, bars, general businesses can make social media/digital engagement work, then these are the podcasts for you.

Now, as I’m Scottish and miserable, there’s a limit to the number of downloads – probably around 500 – so if you are in a large organisation, please just download the once, put it on your intranet and tell your colleagues about it instead of sending everyone the link and saying “go get!”.
Here’s some details of what you’re getting – and the suggested listening/viewing order.

Why am I doing this? I’ve already said but feel free to consider it an Easter present – after all, I can’t give you all an egg can I?

Social Media Successes

A look at some social media success stories as well as ideas for numerous industries and what they can do to make social media work for them. 35 minutes long.

Social Media in a Crisis

A look at some relevant case studies (to which I would add this post from yesterday showing how teens shouldn’t use social media) ending with general points talking about what social media can do for anyone in a communications or customer relations crisis. 17 minutes long.

Social Media Basics

Moving on from the case studies and ideas and a look at each platform, what may work and what may not. 42 minutes long.

Social Media Semi-advanced

Taking the ideas from the basics further and developing them, offering some fresh ideas and insight. 38 minutes long.

Now that runs to around just under three hours in terms of content. Listening and reading to it all won’t make you a social media guru or social media braveheart – a tag you should avoid at all costs – but it will give you a grounding for the basics and how to carry activities out.

And of course if anyone has any queries, feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Download free social media presentations here.

(Note, that takes you to a list of files – please only download the ones you need so everyone gets a chance to get something from the giveaway. For example, if you only want the PDFs, please don’t download the iPod or Quicktime versions.)

And of course, if anyone has anything to add, I’d love to see/hear it!

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    Hi Craig

    I went to download my ‘FREE’ stuff and all I goy was File Not AvailableWe are sorry but the file has either expired or the sender has exhausted the download limit

    Any chance you will make it available later on?

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