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How do you do positive PR for songs like The Sash, Hello Hello, Boys of the Old Brigade or The Soldiers Song?

PR professionals, sport fans and others in the West Coast of Scotland will have seen the recent efforts by the powers-that-be to clamp down more on sectarianism in Scottish football and UEFA’s recent ruling against Rangers.

So here’s a question: if given the brief, how would you create positive PR for the likes of The Sash and Hello Hello if given a brief to that end by a Ranger’s minded organisation. Would you say that they are just songs, 90 minute ditties which have no lasting impact or effect in the real world? Would you argue that if Celtic can keep all their songs, why should Rangers be picked on?

If tasked by Celtic to defend The Boys of the old Brigade or The Soldiers’ Song would you maintain that these aren’t sectarian songs but are political (a difference many don’t seem to notice in today’s climate) or that they’re just songs, nothing more?

This isn’t a troll post. I’m genuinely curious to see what people could come up with in the same way many PR practitioners enjoy seeing other creative PR work or hypotheticals.

(Disclaimers: There is no real-world brief behind this, I am Celtic fan (but haven’t been to a game in years) and wrote about sectarianism for my book Football Inc nine years ago.)

And for those who want, yes, posting is allowed anonymously for this one.

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