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Politicians unprofessional in using Hotmail/Gmail in Scottish Elections

For years, business types have been told – time and time again – to make sure they have their own domain names and professional looking email addresses. It’s a basic thing. It inspires confidence in who you are dealing with and you’re going to feel better dealing with a pro than someome with a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account as their primary work address.

Which begs the question: why are so many politicians not being professional? Don’t they see how bad it makes them look when they hand out tacky-named Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail addresses?

Sadly, the answer to that last part is probably “no”. We’re many years past when having a Hotmail or a Gmail account was considered cutting edge (I still remember when people were all trying to get Gmail invites) but you wouldn’t know it looking at the leaflets falling through the doors of Scotland in the build-up to the Scottish Elections.

Of course, digital/technology in Scotland has historically had a raw deal – by the press, by certain parts of the country and by the politicians of all parties – but surely it’s not too much to ask that electoral candidates – or their press minders – have enough savvy to be buying URLs. After all, if they don’t grab them what’s to stop others doing so on election night as the winners are announced?

And while I can almost – almost – understand the independents like Hugh O’Donnell not having full-on email setups, are we to believe that Labour, the SNP and others are so skint that they can’t buy a few URLs? And before anyone points it out, yes I know that Scottish Parliament addresses can’t be used but there’s no such rule or convention for party email addresses AFAIK.

I think this has to be the worst one yet: but if you know of any better ones, feel free to leave it below in the comments box. Similarly, who’s coming across in their literature as the most digitally savvy?

Having said that, at least the likes of Tom above have put email addresses on material. I’ve received tons with no details of anything even as basic as email or a website never mind social media or web 2.0 communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogs or other items (so much for this being the election of social media).

  1. Hi Craig, I would agree with your points even though I do love Gmail! Certainly where I live if Fife it’s been nothing but leaflet dropping. I dont even think anyone has knocked on the door to try and see what way we’re going to vote!
    I was also rudely awakened yesterday from a garden nap by someone driving about with a Tannoy system which I wasn’t best pleased about :)
    I think politicians simply dont get social media and that’s why it hasn’t played a part. Wouldn’t it be great to see Alex Salmond getting poked from Iain Gray :p

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