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Scottish Parliament wants YOUR help in picking a hashtag

Now this is what I call digital democracy. There’s tons that could be said about the Scottish Elections last week (or you can read this post, this post, this post and listen to this Audioboo and that pretty much covers it) but here’s something that’s popped up that gives all online types a chance to be involved (even if just a wee bit)…

On Twitter the hashtag #sp11 was used for the election and now the Parliament is into its fourth session the hashtag #SPsession4 was being used. And people thought that was a bit ‘meh’ (or whatever the Gaelic for ‘meh’ is) and a few people pointed that out- including Michael Shanks and the team at Pagoda PR.

But the Parly has come back and said that if it hears enough people want to use something like #SP4 as it’s more concise then they’ll use that. And it is better – it’s shorter, more dynamic and means that come the next session we just change the number at the end. Also, #sp11 dates very quickly – and was technically for the election, not the Parliament that followed.

So here’s what you need to do – just cut and paste what’s in the box below into your Twitter client and press send. (If you want to use the more awkward hashtag then swap stuff about, but I think the shorter one is a winner.)

Dear @ScotParl can we please use #SP4 as the hashtag for this parliament session.

And that’s it! Thanks!

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