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One nice PR touch by papers/press in the phone hacking issue

The whole phone hacking issue been covered elsewhere and better in-depth than I can give time to, but this one item did impress me.

While it’s fair to say that until Edelman PR got on board the phone hacking tale was a PR disaster for News International (and has since been turned round really well) there’s been one nice PR touch by the likes of Trinity Mirror and so on… they’ve kept the text specific to ‘phone hacking’ so they can talk about that – and deny it – without talking about the other tricks known to have been used at papers where reporters would receive lists of outgoing calls made by people at certain addresses from insiders at friendly phone companies. Said reporter would then go through the phone numbers and dial away to try and find a story.

It’s not hacking but it’s in the same area – invasion of privacy by accessing data people would expect to be kept confidential.

And again, like phone hacking to be honest, that’s an OK tactic if you’re chasing dodgy types – criminals, corrupt politicians and so on – but not authors, footballers and other ‘celebrities’.

  1. For some reason I found myself thinking about Richard Nixon in the middle of the night last night — and the fact that wiretapping took down his empire, and has now killed a newspaper, threatened a PM and a global media empire. People don’t like to be spied on, no matter how much ‘sharing’ we do on public platforms these days.
    Sheila Averbuch – ENNclick

  2. Cant agree there at all I am afraid.  Its all about balance.  Digital?  Yes absolutely.  Get the content right and we can socially make it happen.  But the traditional news papers reach a simply different audience.  May not be true in 3 years or 5 years.  But today an organisation – esp a local authority – servants of the local community – has to engage with the local papers.  Not to do so is doing a major disservice to a large element of the community they serve.  Be channel agnostic – just get the messages right

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