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Will Foursquare & social media fall foul of Scottish booze ban?

Scotland sees new alcohol sales rules coming into place this weekend with the aim or curbing cheap multi-buy discounts being one of the primary goals.

But, as The Drum and The Law Society of Scotland point out, there are always unintneded consquences. In this case, it’s to do with the part of the law that states you cannot advertise alcohol within 200m of the actual alcohol.

That’s going to hit social media, especially the use of mobile…On one level, that means anyone advertising a promo deal on Foursquare could fall foul – as could any tweet. After all both are updates of the moment “At Tesco, spotted BrewDog on sale – three multipacks of Punk IPA for a tenner” is the sort of thing you could expect. But that post wouldn’t be the fault of Tesco or BrewDog.

What about people who broadcast tips on Foursquare? “In ASDA, head down to the booze aisle as yo can get three bottles of Whyte & Mackay for £20″. Again, if that’s left by an individual, who does the law go after?

There’s also the issue of QR codes or NFC chips. NFC chips in particular are about broadcasting data. Would this mean labels couldn’t have chips in them? What about QR codes which people can scan to go onto websites or YouTube?

It’s going to be interesting to watch to see how it plays out…

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