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“Hello Angry Birds? Did you get my press release? What build is it in?”

Interesting little comment from the founders of the smash hit Angry Birds game that shows one possible way PR will be evolving for the smarter, more connected social media and PR operators….Speaking in Cannes, Rovio boss Mikael Hed pointed out that the app of Angry Bird is not just a game – it’s now more or less a channel for broadcast – and that could be broadcasting songs, images, news updates – in essence, anything at all. There’s no brand – or very few – that would knock back the opportunity to be in front of 500million pairs of eyeballs.

Now, some may scoff but the smart, switched-on operator will be seeing plenty of potential in this sort of thing. Press releases in games? Perhaps as historical documents? We may not be too far off from that. There’s a lot of ways the canny PR or social media type could get coverage this way.

Of course, most will stick to just calling the news desks of the declining traditional press and ask: “Did you get my press release? What edition will it be in?”

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